FLOW is the next evolution of payment method on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): the first Spend System that enables you to pay everywhere with any token you want.

Simply hold $FLW tokens and get rewarded 4% in BUSD from each transaction, of course automatically delivered to your wallet. Use the upcoming FLOW dApp and optimize your profits and spending.

With just one easy click, you can pay with any cryptocurrency using our Flow card. All of this while a maximum card top-up function ensures security. Simply unwind, sit back and receive or spend your crypto with ease unlike ever before.

4% BUSD rewards

Spend anywhere

Blockchains offer a large number of unlisted tokens and coins, that’s why Flow focuses on those that want to spend their earnings and rewards with ease. 

Just hold any cryptocurrency in your Binance Smart Chain wallet and spend it with your Flow Card at 37+ million retailers.

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